Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Hi everybody, its now the 7th of december..

Its been a fun couple of weeks for a 20 year old what with all the riots and that...I chose against the university path but cant help getting excited about all this commotion - BECAUSE - It mirrors the same political unrest that was around the country during the recession that brought us The Clash and Punk...The country has no clear leader, us youth have been screwed by generations previous and people have finally decided to come together and have a voice in spite of the view that people dont give a shit about politics...That was strummer's vibe - 'light a fire and bring everyone together'...

ANyway enough about the riots as they seem to be getting nearly as much airtime as x factor..

So im currently living on a sofa in a house with 3 girls - Yesterday we sat down and divised a system to ensure that the current state of harmony in the house can be maintained...
we came up with a list of GOOD and BAD...you get a gold star for good - black dot for bad... if i get 5 gold stars i get to play the playstation or watch ufc or watch football or they can cook for me....you get the jist..
So my score after one night is 2 gold stars 3 black dots....

first 2 black dots for being sexist 1 black dot for bullying alice
1 gold star for leaving the house and another gold star for cooking everyone dinner...

BRETON have been working on a remix...we heard the first draft and loved it - its off the wall glitchro .... only way to describe it at the moment x

This month ive also seen these bands and they were all well good


Sunday, 21 November 2010

EP 2 Released today!

So today we had our lights on gig up in London, which was quality.

They had closed off a side street, just off camden high street, to set up a stage. It was freezing to start, but needless to say Nicks voice and our hot licks really warmed the place up *winky wink*.

Anyway new EP is out as of now, check it out!

This is Our Way Out EP2

Click the links below to either Preview or Buy

(Also available on Napster and Spotify soon)

Buy it if you like it, so we can put our kids through college

This is Katy B. She is very buff.

xoxo love ya!

Monday, 15 November 2010

Lights On Camden

So right, ok em.

This sunday there is a cool gig in camden, that we are going to be playing at.

'Goodluck Jonathan (playing 1.10pm) have been picked alongside 4 other up and coming bands to perform alongside Katy B as Camden High Street closes its roads to turn on the Christmas lights.'

Well, thats pretty much it for now. Here is a pretty little picture of us all when we were recording our new EP.

Monday, 1 November 2010

EP2 Promo


so last night was halloween. things got messy.
All of us up in leeds dressed up properly and went out. we ended up at oceana which was not a popular choice with everyone but turned out a'ight.
It was fun and everything but my sheets are covered in fake blood and green paint.

Anyway, we have a new video cut, for soon to be released EP2, released on the
22nd November

Heres a little video

This is also good:

hope everyone is planning on taking on movember this month


Sunday, 10 October 2010


Hello i'm hank.
well i just started at university a couple of weeks ago and am having a super fun time.

Work is tedious. im studying design and for over a week i have had to draw a minimum of 15 hair dryers a day, culminating in tonights mission:

Sketch a hair dryer while showing its function


Instead i have been playing with my new friends and looking at other blogs.

A very old buddy has been internet blogging for a long time and i only just got into his internet web page. Its definately cool.
have a little gander if you have some time

I have a new favourite MMA fighter for the month, his name is Jamie 'The Wang' Hearn
You may recognise him from the Jeremy Kyle Show
Current Record of 3-5-0

He has poor floor game, similar style to ITV 2's very own Alex Reid

Hilarious Part 1

Second funny Part

you stay classy planet earth

REVIEWWWSS (2manyblogs)

alright gangsters long time no see.
as promised heres the reviews highlight reel:

Best One:

Worst One:
(we welcome criticisms but this girls an idiot...the other bands were gash and this gig was well fun i had blood on me n e'tin...)


"Emptiness, fragility and explosive relief are the order of the day as this Brighton five piece lay themselves bare, on lead track ‘Broken Heart’"
"This five piece looked as if they were made up of four shipwrecked castaways and a backstreet boy"
"What sets this track apart from the rest of the EP is the political reference in the 2 spoken sections to refugee camps in Calais being destroyed by the authorities. It’s unusual but welcome in this setting." (bruises disappear)
"Guitarists Max Rothery and Jim Valentine in particular manage to create sounds ranging from claustrophobic to restless to withdrawn within the space of one song, all with a few well thought out guitar riffs.' (had to slip that in)
"they are not afraid of breaking out with a storming intro and then carefully deconstructing it into its constituent parts before re-assembling it in an even more ferocious style"

I chose these not because they are nice but because its nice to see a journalist actually dismember the songwriting and evaluate why it does or doesnt work..

We arent slagging off the reviewers because we send our music out to the journos...asking someone for their opinion on something then slating them if its bad isnt a good vibe...but the point of this blog is for you guys to go listen to the music and decide for yourselves...so many bands dont get their heads above water because journos cant be arsed to give the music the time it deserves...bad reviews means no one listens...we were lucky with this one but wed rather the power was in your hands...

end of trilogy
its been emotional





this ones for all of yall with a short attention span..

our debut ep came out - it went well, we charted for a couple of days, nme+napster loved our shit and theres a couple of nice reviews out there that ill fish out for you at some point...(although we prefer reading the bad ones theres something intrinsically comedy about a bad review and youll see why in the next blog)

(which will follow shortly ive decided... a trilogy of blogs....nice)


Tribes asked us to play with them at the lock tavern in cool CAMDEN...bloody glad they did to be honest as its been hailed (by us) as one of our best gigs yet...despite not rehearsing for a good couple of months in the lead up to the gig and not having any equipment on arrival the crowd were fucking amazing...bodies wall to wall actually listening to what we were playing..god it was weird...anyway went well and tribes were sick - heres some photos of us in drownedinsound


Next gigs oxjam Brick Lane 23rd october...its a saturday be there..


So we decided the other day that we would some other people to take our tunes on and see what they could do with them...weve been on the scout and have recently discovered dubbingstep or something like that..did some research and heres some stuff weve been listening to...

Nicks bro's also have a fat tune dropping soon that we've heard and cant fucking wait for...its called in your eyes true reggae meets true dub..its niiiice..

out x

im in a band...sadface


Max here, ive opened this blog fairly bleakly as you can see...This is a little story highlighting one of the many downfalls as having your profession as something very unprofessional...

I went to the doctors this week because i had a sore throat..(sadfaceagain) but thats not the whole story...i went in on friday, saw the queue and walked out thinking saturday will be a much better day to go to the doctors...back in on saturday no queue (loving it) made it into the little room with the nurse she sat me down and said whats wrong with you? (fairly abrupt for a nurse but i was understanding as im sure she has plenty of timewasters through her door everyday) i said ive been suffering from a very sore throat...discussing the extent of my sore throat he seemed fairly worried and endearing towards my situation...she then asked what i did for a living, i said oh im in a band (thinking this will go down a treat she'll definitely think im cool)...her face dropped and instantly blamed all my health issues on my lifestyle and routine...my face then dropped realising that to this particular nurse it wasnt cool to be in a band in fact band=bad health = bad person...hence the sadface...

Having barraged me with the woes of unhealthy living she moved swiftly on and placed a small bottle on the table...and no word of a lie all she says is right...chlamydia testing...By this point i was feeling fairly righteous about my career choice and wanted to prove that us band boys are not all like keith (richards)...i took the bottle and walked right out the door heading for the toilet to fill my everest of a bottle with untainted chlamydia free urine...(i also made a joke which the sourfaced nurse didnt get...
"urine luck" that i havent been to the loo today..with hindsight she may have got it and chosen not to laugh but either way i knew i was in control of the situation)

but i moved so hastily that i didnt quite catch where she said the toilet was, i wandered around the surgery for a good ten minutes acting as if i knew where i was going, then had to go back into the room and ask for directions....still in control of the situation...fuck knows what she thought id been doing for the last ten minutes...made it to the toilet performed well (9/10) but wigged out putting the lid back on and spilt half of it on the way back to the room...

now stinking of piss and a bottle lid that refused to go on this pesky nemesis i had to walk through the ward to give the bottle to the lady at the desk..she just said what do you want me to do with that? informed me it had to go back to that fucking nurse who i knew would have an even more disappointed glaze over her eyes as i walked in...the only way was to go in with my head held high as if the mission had gone perfectly knowing full well the lady at the desk was going to relay the confusion to the nurse after id gone anyway. walked straight into her room and handed her the vile vial (asked her to put the lid back on for me..which took even longer because she had to put rubber gloves on)...the ordeal was pretty much over but i still wasnt willing to be pigeonholed into a stereotype, which is when she pulled out about a hundred condoms and said would you like these?

i STORMED out and sternly muttered 'i dont need them ive got loads'....god i looked like an idiot...

anwyay sorry...had to get that off my chest real blog coming up full of cool stuff

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Hello, Jim here.... So I met my hero Steve Coogan aka Alan Partridge last night... So other than playing wembley stadium my lifes ambitions are fulfilled soooo... I have to say I don't think he was too keen on me saying hello :(


All of this is funny, but for the impatient amongst you if you skip to 4-5 minutes it's bear funny.

Also I turn 22 on Tuesday, please all wish me a happy Birthday please? I plan to spend the evening in southampton, but nothing to heavy because I'll be preparing for Goodluck Jonathans show in Camden at the Lock Tavern. It's shaping up to be a great night and it would be fantastic to see your faces there.


I have to say Im missing Hank and Nick lot's now... I've been speaking to them on a daily basis though and they are really knuckling down to some hard work now. Nick in particular is relishing this new challenge. Remember not to buy Nicks bed or fridge that he advertised on gumtree, he's completely ripping you off don't go anywhere near these items. Also guess which band member hardly ever cleans his teeth... I will reveal the answer in my next blog. Thanks everyone, please don't hesitate to buy our EP1 'this is our way out'

byyyyyyyyyyyyye x

Monday, 13 September 2010

Our EP is Officially Available!

Hello Friends,

as title says our first ep This Is Our Way Out EP 1is finally available through all the main web outlets.

Click Below to choose your favourite

Hope you like it!

All is well with us, Nick went off to Edinburgh today, but will be back for our next gig.

I hope everyone is just as excited about seeing the return of E4's teen comedy show 'The Inbetweeners' tonight.

Cos i sure am excited! whoop!

Also today is the 14th anniversary of one of my biggest lyrical influences, Tupac Shakur's
untimely death.

Pouring my 40oz for my homie

Love y'all


Tuesday, 7 September 2010

7th september - Hink

We got some lovely reviews recently that were just ever so kind about us, except linking nicks london accent with south londoner Jamie T. One review from midlands rocks read
'if you're into your death metal above all, this probably isn't the band for you'
I think he missed, or we just haven't realised how heavy we acually are. Samweis always pulls through on the drums and they deffo picked up on that.

Here's a classic song that i rediscovered today with one of my main lyrical influences - Jay Z

Our first EP release is getting closer and closer (officially released on Monday 13th September)

Also this:

a true gem, my second gig. ever

hopefully see you on the 13th

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

BROKEN HEART MUSIC VIDEO - and nicks fridge/bed saga


so we did the video, filmed at our 229 gig. Hope yall like it...
Being a general fan of vcr (ive got loads of vcr's, home alone, resevoir dogs...loads) weve given this video a vcr vibe - we didnt want to fuck about with it too much but if you look closely we have messed with the timing of all the clips - brookesy had to sing broken heart at double and half speed when filming and i cant wait for those clips to leak..

So we've done the video, done the gigs (tunbridge wells this thursday is the last one before release) we're now looking towards EP 2...theres a lot of lovely talk of remixes, and we've started writing so i'm all excited..

In other news..

Fridgeboy Brookes has not managed to sell the fridge, its now reposted for £45 quid...no bites as of yet but fingers crossed Brookesy.... he's also trying to sell his bed - its fucked dont buy it that thing has been the bain of my life all year the slats fall out at least once a day, til he sellotaped them down...then they lasted for two days before they buckled again.. He also got the bed for 100 quid and was looking for £50 profit on top of that... after one guy looked at it (he turned it down, found one for forty quid then texted brookes next day asking if he knew any good van hire companies....outrageous) hes rescinded to £100

here is his description


Ikea pinewood king size bed (160x200cm) with wooden slatted base and very comfortable ikea matress. In excellent condition.
Should fit comfortably in most double bedrooms.
Comes with two pinewood ikea bedside tables, also in very good condition.

If you are interested please call me 07791471499.

Kind Regards


HELP HIM OUT...oh also were moving out of our flat today and weve managed to lock the keys in the house...so we cant tidy or get any of our stuff out of the house...sorry homelets x
love you all sorry for such a long post, sorry brookes youve had a lot of stick lately...

Thursday, 19 August 2010

229 and a bargain buy

So we did a video...got told it was crap...got told to do another...so we decided to use the footage from 229 on wednesday as a backing to Broken Heart...
229 went pretty good, we took the van up and sessioned GTA San Andreas on the ps2 to and from Great Portland Street...

In other news Nick's trying to sell his Stella Artois mini fridge [which he got for free] we advised £10-£20...Its on gumtree for £75 go check it out



We also managed to get a picture of samwise for all those not happy with the photoshoot.

Keep checking myspace and blog etc for details about our ep release show [13th September] we think weve found a clever venue



Monday, 16 August 2010

Hello Everyone

Hank here

We have one of our tracks available for free download up on NME's website!

For a limited time only.

Click HERE

We are Number 6 down the list.

Click the downward pointing arrow on the player under the lovely picture of our talented Nick :D

We have a couple of gigs coming up soon

18 Aug
229Great Portland Street, London,

22 Aug
The FlowerpotCamden,

2 Sep
TW FORUMTunbridge Wells, kent,

13 Sep
EP 1 RELEASE Secret Location

Hope to see you there

We are also currently working on a music video for Broken Heart, one of the tracks on our First EP 'This is out way out EP1'

Gonna be greeeaaat.

Thats it for now


Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Alright...nick here. I hope you're all well. I wanted to show you a video of max falling over a fence, but my computer skills failed me. You can just imagine it if you want.

Or instead, have a little look at our promo video:

This is what we've got coming up gig wise:

4th August-Jam, Brighton
5th August-Underbelly, London
8th August- Lock Tavern, London
18th August- 229, London
2nd Sept- Forum, Tunbridge Wells

Would be great to see you at any of these, and if you are interested in coming to any of the London dates get in touch with us as there are some guestlist spots up for grabs.

Take it easy,

Nick x

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Jim's Blog

Right, ok. Following Hank Ford's and Max Rothery's blogs was always going to be difficult, but here goes. This is Jim here, or some people call me James but either way my surnames Valentine, so. Right, I hope everyones enjoying the hot spell of weather; I certainly am! In fact, it's bloody brilliant.

First of all I'd like to announce how excited I am at the prospect of playing at the Tunbridge Wells Forum on the 14th of July. It's a venue Ive wanted to play for atleast 2 weeks now, so yea, tremendously greaaaat. If anyone is in the Tunbridge Wells area on the 14th, It would be great if you came down and watched our SHOW.

Ok one more Goodluck Jonathan related item. Ok? Right, yea. . . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmgvPJUCKzY&feature=related
This little link will take you to us performing 'Broken Heart' into 'Backs to the Wall'

This is a friend of ours called Chris looking a little sheepish!

This is my new puppy
Next up, what better way to lift spirits and improve the national football team than to ban them from playing for 2 years! Chris was most upset. But you never know it may be reversed. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/world_cup_2010/8786834.stm
I'll tell you what guys, Im going leave it at this I think. I know it's hard to sit still for a while sometimes. Ok, right so keep your tool strapped up fellas and see you at the forum.
Cheers, Jim of Goodluck Jonathan.
PS, Nick is next up alright?

Friday, 2 July 2010


Hi Hank here

Earlier this week, Max drew my attention to the Athena B crash.
Here are a couple of pictures of MS Athena B, a ship that crashed onto Brighton beach in January 1980.

It was the reason for the small railway that runs along the seafront in front of volks and C2

It was removed a month later because of complaints from the locals.

Been watching some Casiokids street performances today
Here is my favourite

Transfers very well from the original

Hope everyone has been enjoying the delicious sun this week.

Up next Jim!

Monday, 28 June 2010

Monday, 28/06/2010 - Max

Dear Readers Today is my turn to blog:

Here is a piano track i found on my laptop that we used in the recording session at Brighton Electric. I find it soothing.

Hope you have a nice day.

Lots of love x Max

Hank you're next x