Tuesday, 31 August 2010

BROKEN HEART MUSIC VIDEO - and nicks fridge/bed saga


so we did the video, filmed at our 229 gig. Hope yall like it...
Being a general fan of vcr (ive got loads of vcr's, home alone, resevoir dogs...loads) weve given this video a vcr vibe - we didnt want to fuck about with it too much but if you look closely we have messed with the timing of all the clips - brookesy had to sing broken heart at double and half speed when filming and i cant wait for those clips to leak..

So we've done the video, done the gigs (tunbridge wells this thursday is the last one before release) we're now looking towards EP 2...theres a lot of lovely talk of remixes, and we've started writing so i'm all excited..

In other news..

Fridgeboy Brookes has not managed to sell the fridge, its now reposted for £45 quid...no bites as of yet but fingers crossed Brookesy.... he's also trying to sell his bed - its fucked dont buy it that thing has been the bain of my life all year the slats fall out at least once a day, til he sellotaped them down...then they lasted for two days before they buckled again.. He also got the bed for 100 quid and was looking for £50 profit on top of that... after one guy looked at it (he turned it down, found one for forty quid then texted brookes next day asking if he knew any good van hire companies....outrageous) hes rescinded to £100

here is his description


Ikea pinewood king size bed (160x200cm) with wooden slatted base and very comfortable ikea matress. In excellent condition.
Should fit comfortably in most double bedrooms.
Comes with two pinewood ikea bedside tables, also in very good condition.

If you are interested please call me 07791471499.

Kind Regards


HELP HIM OUT...oh also were moving out of our flat today and weve managed to lock the keys in the house...so we cant tidy or get any of our stuff out of the house...sorry homelets x
love you all sorry for such a long post, sorry brookes youve had a lot of stick lately...

Thursday, 19 August 2010

229 and a bargain buy

So we did a video...got told it was crap...got told to do another...so we decided to use the footage from 229 on wednesday as a backing to Broken Heart...
229 went pretty good, we took the van up and sessioned GTA San Andreas on the ps2 to and from Great Portland Street...

In other news Nick's trying to sell his Stella Artois mini fridge [which he got for free] we advised £10-£20...Its on gumtree for £75 go check it out



We also managed to get a picture of samwise for all those not happy with the photoshoot.

Keep checking myspace and blog etc for details about our ep release show [13th September] we think weve found a clever venue



Monday, 16 August 2010

Hello Everyone

Hank here

We have one of our tracks available for free download up on NME's website!

For a limited time only.

Click HERE

We are Number 6 down the list.

Click the downward pointing arrow on the player under the lovely picture of our talented Nick :D

We have a couple of gigs coming up soon

18 Aug
229Great Portland Street, London,

22 Aug
The FlowerpotCamden,

2 Sep
TW FORUMTunbridge Wells, kent,

13 Sep
EP 1 RELEASE Secret Location

Hope to see you there

We are also currently working on a music video for Broken Heart, one of the tracks on our First EP 'This is out way out EP1'

Gonna be greeeaaat.

Thats it for now