Sunday, 21 November 2010

EP 2 Released today!

So today we had our lights on gig up in London, which was quality.

They had closed off a side street, just off camden high street, to set up a stage. It was freezing to start, but needless to say Nicks voice and our hot licks really warmed the place up *winky wink*.

Anyway new EP is out as of now, check it out!

This is Our Way Out EP2

Click the links below to either Preview or Buy

(Also available on Napster and Spotify soon)

Buy it if you like it, so we can put our kids through college

This is Katy B. She is very buff.

xoxo love ya!

Monday, 15 November 2010

Lights On Camden

So right, ok em.

This sunday there is a cool gig in camden, that we are going to be playing at.

'Goodluck Jonathan (playing 1.10pm) have been picked alongside 4 other up and coming bands to perform alongside Katy B as Camden High Street closes its roads to turn on the Christmas lights.'

Well, thats pretty much it for now. Here is a pretty little picture of us all when we were recording our new EP.

Monday, 1 November 2010

EP2 Promo


so last night was halloween. things got messy.
All of us up in leeds dressed up properly and went out. we ended up at oceana which was not a popular choice with everyone but turned out a'ight.
It was fun and everything but my sheets are covered in fake blood and green paint.

Anyway, we have a new video cut, for soon to be released EP2, released on the
22nd November

Heres a little video

This is also good:

hope everyone is planning on taking on movember this month