Sunday, 26 September 2010

Hello, Jim here.... So I met my hero Steve Coogan aka Alan Partridge last night... So other than playing wembley stadium my lifes ambitions are fulfilled soooo... I have to say I don't think he was too keen on me saying hello :(

All of this is funny, but for the impatient amongst you if you skip to 4-5 minutes it's bear funny.

Also I turn 22 on Tuesday, please all wish me a happy Birthday please? I plan to spend the evening in southampton, but nothing to heavy because I'll be preparing for Goodluck Jonathans show in Camden at the Lock Tavern. It's shaping up to be a great night and it would be fantastic to see your faces there.!/event.php?eid=156579077689943&ref=ts

I have to say Im missing Hank and Nick lot's now... I've been speaking to them on a daily basis though and they are really knuckling down to some hard work now. Nick in particular is relishing this new challenge. Remember not to buy Nicks bed or fridge that he advertised on gumtree, he's completely ripping you off don't go anywhere near these items. Also guess which band member hardly ever cleans his teeth... I will reveal the answer in my next blog. Thanks everyone, please don't hesitate to buy our EP1 'this is our way out'

byyyyyyyyyyyyye x

Monday, 13 September 2010

Our EP is Officially Available!

Hello Friends,

as title says our first ep This Is Our Way Out EP 1is finally available through all the main web outlets.

Click Below to choose your favourite

Hope you like it!

All is well with us, Nick went off to Edinburgh today, but will be back for our next gig.

I hope everyone is just as excited about seeing the return of E4's teen comedy show 'The Inbetweeners' tonight.

Cos i sure am excited! whoop!

Also today is the 14th anniversary of one of my biggest lyrical influences, Tupac Shakur's
untimely death.

Pouring my 40oz for my homie

Love y'all


Tuesday, 7 September 2010

7th september - Hink

We got some lovely reviews recently that were just ever so kind about us, except linking nicks london accent with south londoner Jamie T. One review from midlands rocks read
'if you're into your death metal above all, this probably isn't the band for you'
I think he missed, or we just haven't realised how heavy we acually are. Samweis always pulls through on the drums and they deffo picked up on that.

Here's a classic song that i rediscovered today with one of my main lyrical influences - Jay Z

Our first EP release is getting closer and closer (officially released on Monday 13th September)

Also this:

a true gem, my second gig. ever

hopefully see you on the 13th