This is our way out ALBUM
Q Magazine
"muscular yet sensitive math-rock"

The Fly
"The Brighton based five piece's intense, urgent songs are more of a soundtrack to an apocalyptic, nightmare vision of Britian's Big Society. their way out, it seems, is a good one."

Shout 4 Music
“the EP serves as a beautiful illustration of contrast in dynamics.” 9/10

Music Fans Mic

“It works extremely well, with the record as a whole coming off as something extremely intense, even in its quieter moments: ‘Fall of America’ makes allusions to 9/11, and the post-rock-influenced title track features a breathless spoken section before bursting into a cataclysmic instrumental... It never lets up from the moment ‘Bruises Disappear’ introduces itself, and is a powerful statement of intent that hints at even greater things to come”

AAA Music
“The vocal style is very take-it-or-leave-it, trying to blend cool and indifferent with genuinely evocative words and music. But oh what words and music this is! A heady blend of concise song construction, real tightness, emotional impact, and sonic mesmerism, ‘This Is Our Way Out’ is a dark trip to the end of the tunnel, the soundtrack to what is a bleak time that is both accessible and awe-inspiring.”

Red Hot Velvet
“a glorious collection of songs that play from the heart to the heart, musical insights into a band that feel and live their craft in close detail. The album is extremely satisfying and leaves the listener with thoughts and feelings that go beyond simply having a good time.” 4/5

And here's the Nigerian President supporting us with our EP covers blown up huge behind him.  much respect to you mr pres 

This is our way out EP 3

Tasty Fanzine
“EP3’ packs in fuzz, garage, glitch, breakbeat and math rock all without sounding the slightest bit contrived. And that’s some skill indeed to mould all of those influences and styles into one coherent sound. Hell, they even sound like James Yorkston at one point in the title track. Hats off to Goodluck Jonathan. 8/10”

Alter The Press
“With this EP, they easily managed to differentiate the sound they only released a couple of months ago and shrug off those comparisons...I can easily say that 'This Is Our Way Out' is perhaps the best send off for an EP I've ever heard. 5/5

Shout 4 Music
“If Brookes is Goodluck Jonathan’s more brooding element, then the rest of the band certainly provide the energy 7/10”

Subba Cultcha

This is our way out EP 2

Room Thirteen
“The blending of alternative rock and indie works well for Goodluck Jonathan and they seem to have the balance between the two genres in their favour. 10/13”

“the opening track contorts and twists in a most pleasing way for miscreants like myself and I am left in hearty admiration of Goodluck Jonathan’s mathy take on alt-rock. 8/10”

Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot
“emotional and melodic vocals with explosive drums and awesome guitar riffs in a brave and unusual but ultimately satisfying combination of indie and post rock.8/10”

This is our way out EP 1

Hearing Aid Blogspot
“After a good few listens the EP’s catchier moments have seeped into my brain and if they can sound this powerful in a live show they might not need too much luck after all”

Music News
“With amazing technical ability and catchy tunes that beg to be played many times, This is Our Way Out is a must have EP for this year.”

Hype M