Sunday, 10 October 2010


Hello i'm hank.
well i just started at university a couple of weeks ago and am having a super fun time.

Work is tedious. im studying design and for over a week i have had to draw a minimum of 15 hair dryers a day, culminating in tonights mission:

Sketch a hair dryer while showing its function


Instead i have been playing with my new friends and looking at other blogs.

A very old buddy has been internet blogging for a long time and i only just got into his internet web page. Its definately cool.
have a little gander if you have some time

I have a new favourite MMA fighter for the month, his name is Jamie 'The Wang' Hearn
You may recognise him from the Jeremy Kyle Show
Current Record of 3-5-0

He has poor floor game, similar style to ITV 2's very own Alex Reid

Hilarious Part 1

Second funny Part

you stay classy planet earth

REVIEWWWSS (2manyblogs)

alright gangsters long time no see.
as promised heres the reviews highlight reel:

Best One:

Worst One:
(we welcome criticisms but this girls an idiot...the other bands were gash and this gig was well fun i had blood on me n e'tin...)


"Emptiness, fragility and explosive relief are the order of the day as this Brighton five piece lay themselves bare, on lead track ‘Broken Heart’"
"This five piece looked as if they were made up of four shipwrecked castaways and a backstreet boy"
"What sets this track apart from the rest of the EP is the political reference in the 2 spoken sections to refugee camps in Calais being destroyed by the authorities. It’s unusual but welcome in this setting." (bruises disappear)
"Guitarists Max Rothery and Jim Valentine in particular manage to create sounds ranging from claustrophobic to restless to withdrawn within the space of one song, all with a few well thought out guitar riffs.' (had to slip that in)
"they are not afraid of breaking out with a storming intro and then carefully deconstructing it into its constituent parts before re-assembling it in an even more ferocious style"

I chose these not because they are nice but because its nice to see a journalist actually dismember the songwriting and evaluate why it does or doesnt work..

We arent slagging off the reviewers because we send our music out to the journos...asking someone for their opinion on something then slating them if its bad isnt a good vibe...but the point of this blog is for you guys to go listen to the music and decide for many bands dont get their heads above water because journos cant be arsed to give the music the time it deserves...bad reviews means no one listens...we were lucky with this one but wed rather the power was in your hands...

end of trilogy
its been emotional





this ones for all of yall with a short attention span..

our debut ep came out - it went well, we charted for a couple of days, nme+napster loved our shit and theres a couple of nice reviews out there that ill fish out for you at some point...(although we prefer reading the bad ones theres something intrinsically comedy about a bad review and youll see why in the next blog)

(which will follow shortly ive decided... a trilogy of blogs....nice)


Tribes asked us to play with them at the lock tavern in cool CAMDEN...bloody glad they did to be honest as its been hailed (by us) as one of our best gigs yet...despite not rehearsing for a good couple of months in the lead up to the gig and not having any equipment on arrival the crowd were fucking amazing...bodies wall to wall actually listening to what we were playing..god it was weird...anyway went well and tribes were sick - heres some photos of us in drownedinsound

Next gigs oxjam Brick Lane 23rd october...its a saturday be there..


So we decided the other day that we would some other people to take our tunes on and see what they could do with them...weve been on the scout and have recently discovered dubbingstep or something like that..did some research and heres some stuff weve been listening to...

Nicks bro's also have a fat tune dropping soon that we've heard and cant fucking wait for...its called in your eyes true reggae meets true dub..its niiiice..

out x

im in a band...sadface


Max here, ive opened this blog fairly bleakly as you can see...This is a little story highlighting one of the many downfalls as having your profession as something very unprofessional...

I went to the doctors this week because i had a sore throat..(sadfaceagain) but thats not the whole story...i went in on friday, saw the queue and walked out thinking saturday will be a much better day to go to the doctors...back in on saturday no queue (loving it) made it into the little room with the nurse she sat me down and said whats wrong with you? (fairly abrupt for a nurse but i was understanding as im sure she has plenty of timewasters through her door everyday) i said ive been suffering from a very sore throat...discussing the extent of my sore throat he seemed fairly worried and endearing towards my situation...she then asked what i did for a living, i said oh im in a band (thinking this will go down a treat she'll definitely think im cool)...her face dropped and instantly blamed all my health issues on my lifestyle and face then dropped realising that to this particular nurse it wasnt cool to be in a band in fact band=bad health = bad person...hence the sadface...

Having barraged me with the woes of unhealthy living she moved swiftly on and placed a small bottle on the table...and no word of a lie all she says is right...chlamydia testing...By this point i was feeling fairly righteous about my career choice and wanted to prove that us band boys are not all like keith (richards)...i took the bottle and walked right out the door heading for the toilet to fill my everest of a bottle with untainted chlamydia free urine...(i also made a joke which the sourfaced nurse didnt get...
"urine luck" that i havent been to the loo today..with hindsight she may have got it and chosen not to laugh but either way i knew i was in control of the situation)

but i moved so hastily that i didnt quite catch where she said the toilet was, i wandered around the surgery for a good ten minutes acting as if i knew where i was going, then had to go back into the room and ask for directions....still in control of the situation...fuck knows what she thought id been doing for the last ten minutes...made it to the toilet performed well (9/10) but wigged out putting the lid back on and spilt half of it on the way back to the room...

now stinking of piss and a bottle lid that refused to go on this pesky nemesis i had to walk through the ward to give the bottle to the lady at the desk..she just said what do you want me to do with that? informed me it had to go back to that fucking nurse who i knew would have an even more disappointed glaze over her eyes as i walked in...the only way was to go in with my head held high as if the mission had gone perfectly knowing full well the lady at the desk was going to relay the confusion to the nurse after id gone anyway. walked straight into her room and handed her the vile vial (asked her to put the lid back on for me..which took even longer because she had to put rubber gloves on)...the ordeal was pretty much over but i still wasnt willing to be pigeonholed into a stereotype, which is when she pulled out about a hundred condoms and said would you like these?

i STORMED out and sternly muttered 'i dont need them ive got loads'....god i looked like an idiot...

anwyay sorry...had to get that off my chest real blog coming up full of cool stuff