Sunday, 10 October 2010

REVIEWWWSS (2manyblogs)

alright gangsters long time no see.
as promised heres the reviews highlight reel:

Best One:

Worst One:
(we welcome criticisms but this girls an idiot...the other bands were gash and this gig was well fun i had blood on me n e'tin...)


"Emptiness, fragility and explosive relief are the order of the day as this Brighton five piece lay themselves bare, on lead track ‘Broken Heart’"
"This five piece looked as if they were made up of four shipwrecked castaways and a backstreet boy"
"What sets this track apart from the rest of the EP is the political reference in the 2 spoken sections to refugee camps in Calais being destroyed by the authorities. It’s unusual but welcome in this setting." (bruises disappear)
"Guitarists Max Rothery and Jim Valentine in particular manage to create sounds ranging from claustrophobic to restless to withdrawn within the space of one song, all with a few well thought out guitar riffs.' (had to slip that in)
"they are not afraid of breaking out with a storming intro and then carefully deconstructing it into its constituent parts before re-assembling it in an even more ferocious style"

I chose these not because they are nice but because its nice to see a journalist actually dismember the songwriting and evaluate why it does or doesnt work..

We arent slagging off the reviewers because we send our music out to the journos...asking someone for their opinion on something then slating them if its bad isnt a good vibe...but the point of this blog is for you guys to go listen to the music and decide for many bands dont get their heads above water because journos cant be arsed to give the music the time it deserves...bad reviews means no one listens...we were lucky with this one but wed rather the power was in your hands...

end of trilogy
its been emotional



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