Sunday, 10 October 2010


Hello i'm hank.
well i just started at university a couple of weeks ago and am having a super fun time.

Work is tedious. im studying design and for over a week i have had to draw a minimum of 15 hair dryers a day, culminating in tonights mission:

Sketch a hair dryer while showing its function


Instead i have been playing with my new friends and looking at other blogs.

A very old buddy has been internet blogging for a long time and i only just got into his internet web page. Its definately cool.
have a little gander if you have some time

I have a new favourite MMA fighter for the month, his name is Jamie 'The Wang' Hearn
You may recognise him from the Jeremy Kyle Show
Current Record of 3-5-0

He has poor floor game, similar style to ITV 2's very own Alex Reid

Hilarious Part 1

Second funny Part

you stay classy planet earth

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