Sunday, 10 October 2010



this ones for all of yall with a short attention span..

our debut ep came out - it went well, we charted for a couple of days, nme+napster loved our shit and theres a couple of nice reviews out there that ill fish out for you at some point...(although we prefer reading the bad ones theres something intrinsically comedy about a bad review and youll see why in the next blog)

(which will follow shortly ive decided... a trilogy of blogs....nice)


Tribes asked us to play with them at the lock tavern in cool CAMDEN...bloody glad they did to be honest as its been hailed (by us) as one of our best gigs yet...despite not rehearsing for a good couple of months in the lead up to the gig and not having any equipment on arrival the crowd were fucking amazing...bodies wall to wall actually listening to what we were playing..god it was weird...anyway went well and tribes were sick - heres some photos of us in drownedinsound

Next gigs oxjam Brick Lane 23rd october...its a saturday be there..


So we decided the other day that we would some other people to take our tunes on and see what they could do with them...weve been on the scout and have recently discovered dubbingstep or something like that..did some research and heres some stuff weve been listening to...

Nicks bro's also have a fat tune dropping soon that we've heard and cant fucking wait for...its called in your eyes true reggae meets true dub..its niiiice..

out x

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