Sunday, 4 July 2010

Jim's Blog

Right, ok. Following Hank Ford's and Max Rothery's blogs was always going to be difficult, but here goes. This is Jim here, or some people call me James but either way my surnames Valentine, so. Right, I hope everyones enjoying the hot spell of weather; I certainly am! In fact, it's bloody brilliant.

First of all I'd like to announce how excited I am at the prospect of playing at the Tunbridge Wells Forum on the 14th of July. It's a venue Ive wanted to play for atleast 2 weeks now, so yea, tremendously greaaaat. If anyone is in the Tunbridge Wells area on the 14th, It would be great if you came down and watched our SHOW.

Ok one more Goodluck Jonathan related item. Ok? Right, yea. . .
This little link will take you to us performing 'Broken Heart' into 'Backs to the Wall'

This is a friend of ours called Chris looking a little sheepish!

This is my new puppy
Next up, what better way to lift spirits and improve the national football team than to ban them from playing for 2 years! Chris was most upset. But you never know it may be reversed.
I'll tell you what guys, Im going leave it at this I think. I know it's hard to sit still for a while sometimes. Ok, right so keep your tool strapped up fellas and see you at the forum.
Cheers, Jim of Goodluck Jonathan.
PS, Nick is next up alright?

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