Tuesday, 22 March 2011

March Deuce Deuce

I massively miss pop music like this. Reminds me of summer and things.
Back in the day when real talented session musicians were brought in to make super catchy bangers.
Bass lines and funk style guitars back then were incredible compared to katy perry/ke$ha songs now .

More classic 90's summer anthems:

So we are all looking forward to a massive session over april to get together and get some writing done so you guys can enjoy some new and improved [what we would like to call matured] goodluck jonathan.

Drums boy is gonna host us over in the west midlands for a while, to get away from any distractions and try some deadly ales.
Tried to do a bit of research into some deadly ales but it seems that Worcesterians are pretty secretive about their tastes. Found some websites that you need to be a paid member to discuss ales.

but yea, just looking forward to the album now.

Just found out about 'The Weekend' big fan

there are some sick bands coming to leeds over the next few weeks that im well up for seeing.

Tangled hair, Pulled apart by horses,Shoes and socks off and Sky Larkin (cos singers pretty boughtang)

hAnK xXxX

p.s. on this day in 337AD Constantine, the emperor of rome died at the age of 47

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